The Only Tablao Flamenco in Miami

A Tablao is a place where flamenco shows are performed, they have developed during the 1940’s throughout Spain replacing the “cafés cantantes” (cabarets). The “cafés cantantes” were entertainment establishments where, in addition to serving food & drinks, they offered performances of singing, playing and dancing flamenco.
CAVA Tablao Flamenco & Restaurant is located in the heart of the world renowned Calle Ocho in Coral Gables, it’s one of the jewels of the Spanish cuisine and of this traditional art.  It is the True Taste & Feel of Spain in Miami.


Immerse yourself in the experience of visiting CAVA Tablao Flamenco & Restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal of high quality Mediterranean food in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

CAVA’s menu is tastefully prepared and executed by Andalusian chef Francisco Mateo, the meal in itself is an experience using impeccable tastes prepared with traditional top quality imported & local products.  Dining in CAVA Tablao Flamenco & Restaurant is a must in order to have the opportunity to appreciate our high quality service and authenticity and to really see an authentic Tablao Flamenco.

Under the direction of Pepe Canto, a passionate flamenco aficionado, it is the most authentic Flamenco entertainment restaurant in Miami.  CAVA is a welcoming and a unique place in which the vaulted ceilings in the dining room reflects the arabic-andalusian influence of flamenco.  It takes you and prepares you for the magic of the live flamenco show, there is no other Tablao Flamenco in Miami that continuously presents, and in such important numbers, the most outstanding artists of this art; whether living legends of flamenco, or young discoveries.  In the heart of Coral Gables, CAVA Tablao Flamenco is a gem of artisanship inspired by Andalusian art. This stage has been a reference of authenticity, in which we have demonstrated that the authentic, besides being fun, can be really emotional when it is “PURO” (pure).  A show devised to keep the tradition of the most authentic flamenco alive.  Emotion and enjoyment are fully guaranteed, in an atmosphere of genuine Flamenco, where guests can partake of the most delicious Andalusian cuisine and watch an authentic live flamenco show.
One should take into account that the best places for viewing the show are given to the people who make a meal reservation. If you’d like to make a group reservation, take a look at the opportunity of exclusively reserving one of our dining rooms for your group and then joining the rest of the public for the show.