The Only Tablao Flamenco in Miami

Tapas / Appetizers

Tablas / Platers

$6.00 Salmorejo Cordobesa

A creamy soup consisting of tomato and bread, served cold and garnished with diced Spanish Serrano ham and diced hard-boiled eggs

Sopas / Soups

$5.00 Gazpacho Andaluz

Light & Tangy Chilled Fresh Tomato & Bread Soup flavored w/ Peppers, Cucumbers, extra virgen Olive Oil & Sherry Vinegar

$6.00 Sopa Castellana

Rich Garlic Soup w/ Serrano Ham, Chorizo & Poached Egg

Ensaladas / Salads

Arroces / Rice

Pescados / Fish

Carnes / Meats

Postres / Desserts

Additional: Scoop of Ice Cream to any Dessert – $3.00

$6.00 Tarta Santiago

Northern Spain Traditional Tart Flavored w/ Cinnamon & Almonds

$6.00 Crema Catalana

Spain’s Version of Créme Brulee w/ a Caramel Crust

Cafes / Coffes

$5.00 Carajillo

Espresso with a shot of Brandy